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Job Description

The Opportunity:

You will have the opportunity to manage and own the cornerstone product of lalamove, the mobile app. You will lead the mobile development team and support both Android and iOS, continuing to deliver high impact features to the platform. In this role you will have to make high-level decisions on how to improve and refine the product to satisfy the needs of all of our global end-users. This position requires frequent communication with all product managers to ensure that every team is kept up to date with new features and updates. You will have to assess risks, anticipate bottlenecks, and balance the business needs versus technical constraints. Lastly, it is YOUR product, so be the advocate of it to make sure it is up to your standards and quality.

What We Seek:

•   Passion: passion for mobile apps and both the iOS and Android platforms (extra bonus points for submitting your own app!)

•   Strong leadership and motivator: in this role you will be managing a team of mobile developers, so you need to be able to motivate and lead the team to continue to innovate

•   Innovator: it is important to continue to think outside of the box and generate new ideas and improve on old ones

•   Ability to juggle many tasks: the ability to multitask and stay organized is a necessity at our company, all while making sure that new features and updates are rolled out in a timely manner


Preferred Qualifications:

•   At least 5+ years of experience in both software and mobile development

•   Extensive knowledge and understanding of mobile technologies on both the Android and iOS platforms

•   Business or engineering degree preferred

•   Demonstrate ability and comfort to work closely with engineers on a daily basis

•   Excellent interpersonal and communications skills

•   High-quality planning and organizational capabilities

•   Good team player, self-motivated, and strong leadership skills

About Lalamove (EasyVan)

Founded in 2013 as EasyVan in Hong Kong, Lalamove is the leading last-minute intra-city delivery technology in Asia. Through its groundbreaking mobile & desktop platform, lalamove connects hundreds of thousands of customers with tens of thousands of professional van, motorcycle, lorry and truck drivers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Donguan, Shanghai, Chongqing and more! Lalamove revolutionizes this specific segment of the logistics industry with innovations such as instant order matching, GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 services and drivers rating; fulfilling customers’ moving needs and at the same time helping drivers get more business. With Lalamove's state-of-the-art technology & best-of-class customer service, intra-city delivery has never been easier, faster, safer, and funnier! Lalamove- Deliver FasterSpecialtiesMobile App, Internet, Transport, Logistic
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